Most relate decorative spare tire covers with the Jeep Wrangler, but there are other vehicles who are equally as creative and unique in selecting spare tire covers. I mean what’s not to love about the adventurous side of RVing and campervans? So, why not have some fun and show off that wild side with a creative and unique customizable spare tire cover?

The most popular designs we tend to see for those searching for spare tire covers for campers are rightfully so, about nature or camping on some level. Here are a few fun designs to spark your creative juices:

Beach Spare Tire Cover on a Sprinter Van, Waves and the Sun with Birds Flying Spare Tire Cover Design White camper with a black mountain custom spare tire cover

Woolly Bear basecamp puller trailer with a mountain custom spare tire cover

Camper spare tire covers can fit any spare tire for any kind of recreational travel vehicle. Rock star style motor coaches to refurbished VW buses. Sprinter vans to traditional modest travel trailers. A spare tire cover can be crafted and designed to fit your fancy.

RV Sasquatch American flag spare tire cover on a Jayco RV

Spare tire covers play a critical role in RVing and campers. A lot can do wrong on the road, a flat tire is definitely one of the most popular issues that occurs. Having a well-protected and maintained spare tire will be important for continuing on your journey. Leave your spare tire open in the elements can cause wear and tear more rapidly. So if you have to cover your spare tire, why not have some fun with it. Create or select a van, RV, or camper spare tire cover that fits your individual personality? We hope you enjoy some of our recent customers RV and camper spare tire cover designs we have custom made in the past. Perhaps it may light up an idea for your next spare tire cover camper, RV, van, travel trailer, and so on. 

Conversion Van Spare Tire Cover, Beach spare tire cover on a van

Camper trailer - white camper spare tire cover with a white explore spare tire cover design