We never tire from seeing our customer's rides. As a small, family-owned business, when our customers submit their reviews and send in pictures of how our spare tire covers, Jeep grille inserts, and Wrangler window cling decals look after install, it makes us so happy. 

As a small business, one thing we can offer that many large, made in China type businesses cannot is a human component. We will speak to you on the phone if needed. It is our mission, running this business to ensure that our customers are well taken care of. We understand that when you are treated with respect, honestly, and care, we will gain a customer for life and you will feel good referring us to your friends.

Therefore, we want to highlight some of the best photos of the finish product from customer reviews submitted to our website. We think every spare tire cover, grille insert, or window decal looks awesome, but we wanted to hand select some of our most recently summitted favorites for one reason or another. 

So, without further ado, let's hit the gas and check out these fun, quirky, and unique custom accessories for Jeep, Bronco, trailers, RV, campers, vans, and more!

1. Sweet As Sugar Wrangler Window Decal

White Jeep Wrangler with light purple color accents and a sugar skull window decal design

This Jeep Wrangler is a vibe! We absolutely love the way the Wrangler window cling sticker of the sexy sugar skull brings this theme together. Properly named Bones, this Jeep Wrangler, submitted by one of our customers really showcases how the right color scheme and Jeep accessories can create an eye-popping vibe for your ride. Nicely done friend! 


2. Subtly Stated Snow Leopard Spare Tire Cover

White Jeep Wrangler parked in the snow with a white vinyl spare tire cover that has a leopard design.

This picture grabbed our attention. It's a simple and common design ordered, but the way the customer captured her newly added white vinyl leopard spare tire cover on the white Jeep Wrangler in the powder white snow just gave us all a sort of slick, chic, and fierce aesthetic. 

We love it when our customers pose their vehicles for the perfect picture. We know how much you care about your vehicles, which is why we care about you when you purchase your wheel covers from us. We want you to feel like you made the perfect choice by choosing a more premium, higher quality product. While we may not be the most affordable, we stand behind our quality and can ensure that you are buying the most durable soft cover option on the market.

3. Patriotic & Proud Trailer Spare Tire Cover

Black hauling trailer with a spare tire that has a black vinyl cover with an American flag custom design

A perfectly polished look comes together due to details. And this goes to show that even on a hauling trailer, adding a small personal and custom touch like this American flag spare tire cover gives the trailer a distinguished look. At spare-tirecovers.com we manufacture each tire cover as they are ordered. This allows us to provide you with precision fit. Spare tire covers are not just for Jeeps, no matter the tire size, vehicle make or model, you order based on your tire's individual dimensions providing you with a sleek, precision fit. No more fabric flapping in the wind. 

4. Adding Some Fun & Laughs To Your Journey 

Funny spare tire cover of stick figures roasting hot dogs over a campfire and saying it is all fun and games until someone loses a weiner

We had to put this spare tire cover on the list because it makes us laugh. For all the camping enthusiasts, enjoy some camping humor. We couldn't get enough of this silly "It's all fun and games until someone loses a weiner" camping design spare tire cover.

5. Grayed Out Wrangler Window Cling

Grayed out captain American Jeep Wrangler perforated window cling decal

This made our list because we find these subtle details to really have a nice distinguished aesthetic. Not everyone wants to be extra and add pops of color, this grayed out Captain America Wrangler perforated window cling is a great addition to a sleek and sexy Jeep!  

6. Good Vibes Beach Spare Tire Cover 

Jeep Wrangler at the beach parked in front of the ocean with a colorful spare tire cover design of palm trees showing

 The best is last! This perfectly posed Jeep Wrangler is showing off their bright, colorful, retro beach spare tire cover design while parked at the ocean. All that is missing is the top down on the Jeep for the ultimate Jeep vibe. 

Keep sending in those finished products! We love seeing how your ride looks once you add your own creative and unique vibe to it with one of our spare tire covers, Jeep grille inserts, and/or perforated window clings.   

Check out www.spare-tirecovers.com to browse our full collection of spare tire covers, Jeep Wrangler window decals, and Jeep grille inserts. Get ready to hit the road in style and turn heads wherever you go!