We love seeing our spare tire covers and other products on your vehicles. It makes everything full circle to see just how good the added design makes your vehicle look. Our customers really know how to give their vehicles a stylish boost. From simply stated designs to funny ones and even more intricate designs, our customers can be extremely creative when it comes to their spare tire covers. We put together a quick list of our most recent top five favorite camper spare tire covers customers have sent in to spark a little inspiration for your next spare tire cover design on your camper.

1. American Made Spare Tire Covers

This American flag spare tire cover is a fan favorite. It is the perfect accessory for your road trips. The best part is that our spare tire cover are actually made in America versus cheap alternatives you can find on other websites. If you want to keep your style truly patriotic, go for an American made spare tire cover from our Spare Tire Cover Shop, just like this RV spare tire cover.  

A camper showing the American flag spare tire cover


2. For The Love of Dog Spare Tire Cover

There is nothing quite like an ode to our animals. We love this Belgian Malinois spare tire cover on this sprinter van. While technically not a camper, it is close enough and used for lots of camping on an Alaskan road trip, per our customer's story. We love this design because this customer ventured off by herself and her Malinois on an Alaskan road trip. So this spare tire cover has extra meaning and we love it! 

A gray sprinter van with a black vinyl spare tire cover that says fur missile and has an image of a Belgian Malinois

3. Peace On The Street Spare Tire Cover 

This VW bus made it on this list because, well, look at it. That peace sign spare tire cover is beautiful and beautifully made. We love the seam to seam printing and precision fit giving it a high quality and durable aesthetic. It fits the whole vibe of the vehicle. This was a custom spare tire cover and definitely had to be on our list! 

A VW bus with a spare tire on the front that is covered with a pretty peace sign design


4. Life Is Good Spare Tire Cover

This was another custom spare tire cover design that took their slogan and we put it on a popular tropical beach landscape design used on other covers. This was a favorite because we just love the vibes. It's a reminder that life is all about perspective. In the giant scheme of things, life is good! 

A RV spare tire cover of a tropical beach and the saying life is good.


5. Majestic Mountains Spare Tire Cover

Saving the best for last for two reasons. First, this image was done so perfectly by the customer to show off their new spare tire cover, but also, this is a popular spare tire cover design and we never get tired of seeing it on different vehicles in different ways. This is a picture perfect RV or camper spare tire cover

We hope these designs drummed up some inspiration for your next spare tire cover design. Whether you want to create your own custom spare tire cover or select a pre-designed cover from our shop of hundreds of designs just note, our covers are the best quality soft covers in the industry. We ensure precision fit, manufacture your cover when you order it, and it is made locally in the USA. 

When you're shopping for a spare tire cover, consider the Spare Tire Cover Shop here and support a small family-owned business right here in the USA!