You commonly find campers and RVs with external spare tires attached to the side, back, or front. So this begs the question, “do I need to have a spare tire cover on my campers external spare wheel?” The answer comes down to personal preference. There are some practical reasons for covering your wheel, but it’s also a great way to add your vibe and style to your camper, RV, or travel trailer.

Here are 4 reasons you should consider adding a spare tire cover to your campers spare tire.

1. Protect the spare tire

First, the logical answer. A spare tire cover can protect the tire from the elements, such as rain, snow, and sunlight. This can help extend the life of the tire and ensure that it is ready to use if needed. The last thing you want is to need the spare, pop on the wheel, only for it to malfunction because mother nature wore it down over time.

2. Improve the appearance of the camper

Then there is the fun reason. A spare tire cover can be a decorative addition to your camper, helping to improve its overall appearance. You can choose a cover with a design or color that matches your camper or personal style. You can even make your own design on a custom spare tire cover. Go crazy and add your vibe to your ride!

3. Keep the spare tire secure

Then there are the safety reasons. Safety reason one is that a spare tire cover can help keep the tire more secure and prevent it from falling off or becoming loose while you are driving.

4. Protect against theft

The second safety reason is that a spare tire cover can also help deter thieves by making it more difficult to access and remove the tire. Often times when you buy from high quality spare tire cover shops that often ask if you want to have a theft grommet kit sewn into the cover. Highly recommend this. While it’s still possible to steal the tire if a criminal wants it bad enough it definitely slows them down significantly. Creating resistance like that can be a deterrent.

Just know, if you do decide to add a tire cover to your camper make sure it’s a good quality spare tire cover, because no one wants to see a tire cover that looks like a sheet flapping in the wind or a faded graphic that looks like it’s been through some things!

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