We find that there are a couple of spare tire cover designs that are favorited by customers. They are ordered most frequently and we can't blame them. They are great tire cover designs. Inspired by the greatest muse of all time, nature! 

These designs are simple, yet bright and fun. And we find customers ordering them quite frequently. We hope this will bring some inspiration to your next unique  custom spare tire cover. After all adding your vibe to your ride should reflect you personality and we find our customers personalities are fun and energetic, just like these designs. 

1. Beach Waves & Sunset With Seagulls

Beach waves and sunset with seagulls white vinyl spare tire cover on a white soft top Jeep Wrangler in the mountains.

We love the way this spare tire cover design looks on white vinyl. The pairing of the white vinyl spare tire cover with the white Jeep Wrangler makes this a fun and unique combination. 

Beach waves and ocean inspired spare tire cover for Mercedes sprinter van, printed on black vinyl.

If you are all about that #vanlife then you will love this combination. This spare tire cover brings life onto this white Mercedes Sprinter Van. It makes for the perfect accent as you travel down the road and perhaps out to camp at the beach!

Seagulls flying in a beach scene with waves and the ocean on a spare tire cover for black Jeep Wrangler. Spare tire cover is in shades of purple and blue

We never thought to change the colors, but taking this same spare tire cover and changing the colors gives it a fun vibe we never knew we needed. The purple and pink shade blends so well into the coral and teal colors. Printed on the black vinyl this spare tire cover for Jeep even comes custom made with a back up camera hole.  

 Red Jeep Wrangler spare tire cover of a beach scene and waves with seagulls flying into the sunset and ocean in geometric shapes

We always appreciate when a customer can take a popular design and make a unique adjustment that makes it their own. In this case, just by adding the two words, "lets roll" has made this an even more unique spare tire cover. The bright colors are bold and pop out but fit well with this red Jeep Wrangler. 

Yellow Jeep Wrangler showing a beach and wave spare tire cover with a back up camera hole

Lastly, we would be remiss to not show this spare tire cover on a yellow Jeep. Those big and bright colors that make up the sunset simply scream, "put me on a yellow Jeep." With the yellow Jeep as the backdrop to this spare tire cover, it makes the bold bright colors stand out even more. 

No matter which way you prefer this spare tire cover, there is no denying that it is popular for a reason. It goes well with the big, bold, and bright personalities that drive Jeeps, Bronco, and camper vehicles alike. The swirl of the shapes and the layering of the colors makes this beach inspired spare tire cover a perfect fit to add your vibe to your ride. 


2. Vintage Retro Sun Rays

Another popular spare tire cover design is this vintage or retro sun rays design. This design is a popular spare tire cover for campers, vans, and RVs. While it can be custom fit for Jeeps and Broncos, we tend to see it a lot on trailers and campers a lot. 

Retro sunset with sun rays shining out over the turquoise ocean spare tire cover on a conversion van in a driveway of a large coastal home.

This was a unique pairing, this design for some odd reason goes well on a conversion van. The conversion van has its own vibe, so when you add this splash of fun spare tire cover it changes that vibe and makes it fun and interesting. 

Vintage retro sunrays and ocean waves spare tire cover for a conversion van. 

Here it is on another conversion van. I think the conversion van has its own retro vibe to it that this spare tire cover design seems to fit well with the whole vibe of the conversion van. What do you think? The colors seem to make it look like it just belongs! 

backpack RV in cream and vintage yellow with a matching sun rays and water spare tire cover for RV

This design just seems to have a knack for finding its way onto vintage looking vehicles. Even though this Armadillo trailer is not vintage, it has that look and feel. The colors between the camper and the cover blend so well together. I think this might be one of our favorite looks for this tire cover. 

Vintage sun rays design spare tire cover for RV

Lastly, lets have a look at this spare tire cover on an RV. Like I stated earlier, this design seems to be popular among the RV, camper, van community of customers we have. But we are not mad about it. It looks fantastic on these vehicles and think it is the perfect fit. 

I hope you enjoyed exploring these two popular spare tire cover designs and it has given you the inspiration you need to either take one of these spare tire cover designs as they are or make them your own. 

If you would like to talk with us about creating a custom spare tire cover, please feel free to contact us directly. Our customer service is second to none and we love helping you add your vibe to your ride!