When you think about spare tire covers you immediately think Jeep Wrangler, but the camper world gives them a run for their money. Campers can take on a personality of their own depending on who’s hauling it. We do have a lot of fun with Jeep and Bronco owner’s spare tire cover designs, but we it would be fun to share our top five favorite spare tire covers for campers that we’ve manufactured this year that we just love.

  1. Sunshine on Sunshine!

    Retro style Armadillo camper trailer and a retro sunshine spare tire cover for camper

    This is one of my favorite spare tire cover styles that I’ve seen lately. I love the matching colors, the retro, vintage vibe the spare tire cover brings to this Armadillo Backpack Trailer. The two-toned trailer and the simple retro sunshine spare tire cover partner up to make a fun combination you can’t help but smile at when you see it on the road.   
  2. Explore

    White camper van and a white vinyl camper spare tire cover that says Explore with mountains
    The owner of this white camper made the right choice by going with the white vinyl for this explore retro camper spare tire cover. The white on white looks clean and ever blends nicely with this vintage camper vibe they have going on.
  3. Simple Mountains

    White camper trailer, retro with a simple mountain designed spare tire cover for campers

    There is just something to appreciate with this spare tire cover in its simplicity. The idea of camping and RVing is creating a simpler life with less. So this thin lined mountain design spare tire cover is modestly stated, fits with the vibe of camper vans and just works well for a design on a camper spare tire cover.
  4. Sasquatch Spare Tire Cover

    Jayco RB hauler with a sasquatch bigfoot spare tire cover that has an american flag in the background and bigfoot silhouette walking in front of it.

    I put this bigfoot spare tire cover design on here because Sasquatch and camping just go hand and hand. Most campers and RVs find themselves in nature, near the great outdoors and what is the mystery of the forest without the idea of Sasquatch? We love the patriotism with the American flag and Sasquatch just casually strolling by. This design is definitely a perfect fit as a camper spare tire cover.
  5. RV Sunshine

    Older Winnebago RV with a vintage sun rays and water designed spare tire cover

    I know we have this same design above, but I wanted to show it on this RV as well. I think it’s interesting to see the different ways a spare tire cover can create life and bring out personality. This is just a simple Winnebago, but the spare tire cover creates a bright pop of color and that just makes you smile.

I hope some of these looks have given you inspiration for you next camper spare tire cover. We always look forward to our customers showing us their spare tire covers and may your will be next!

We custom make every order for your exact specs to ensure a perfect fit. Every design on our website can be custom fit for your spare tire cover, whether you need it for an RV, camper, Jeep, Bronco, and more. Don’t see a design that fits your fancy? Let our team create a custom spare tire cover that will!