It’s no secret that Jeep Wrangler owners are always doing the most. They love their mods and we enjoy seeing them no matter how gaudy or modest they may be. There’s no denying that Jeeps and their add-ons turn heads. It’s a perfect reflection of its owner’s vibe. It’s a fun display of each owner’s personality and willingness to show just how extra they may be.

You can spend countless hours modifying your Jeep Wrangler, but we are interested in the simple, affordable add-ons anyone can do to make their Jeep personalized and fun. Therefore, we’ve listed # simple and affordable add-ons Jeep owners can do to add their vibe to their ride.

1. Decals

Jeep decals are one of those add-ons that are easy to install and can have endless possibilities. With the ability to create your own custom decals to pre-made designs, the sky is the limit. You can be modest with one or two or throw caution to the wind and cover your Jeep in a plethora of them. Our favorite are the ones who coordinate decals with all of the other add-ons the do. From spare tire covers to grille inserts, to door handles. A good decal can pull your whole Jeep’s vibe together.


2. Door Handles

As mentioned prior there are customized Jeep door handles. Door handles are another simple, affordable add-on that you can do to create a fun coordinated look to your Jeep Wrangler. Jeep Wrangler door handles are unique on their own, but it’s one of those accessories that is simply stated but still fun to have.


3. Emblem Overlay

If you have a specific color combination you can add a matching custom colored Jeep emblem. Details are what make anything better. The more you focus on the details the more polished it is, whether you’re talking about your Jeep or your house. Small details make a difference.


4. Jeep Grille Insert

A Jeep grille insert takes a bit of installation, but it is still a fairly simple installation at best. This is both cool and functional. Add a Jeep grille insert that matches your specific style and theme. Most often you can find custom Jeep grille inserts that can be made to order, so let your imagination run wild. Whether your theme is patriotic or pink, there are American flag Jeep grille inserts to Tuscadero pink Jeep grille inserts. Your limits really are your imagination


5. Spare Tire Covers

Of course as a spare tire cover shop it would be remiss to not mention Jeep spare tire covers. While our spare tire covers are custom made for any vehicle, Jeep spare tire covers are definitely ordered the most. Spare tire covers are like a blank canvas where you can really have some fun. Not only can you coordinate colors, you can have creative designs that promote a business, send a message, or display an image that just makes you happy. You can make unique spare tire covers as distinctive as you desire. Make it funny, kind, pretty, patriotic, and the list goes on. Find yourself the Jeep spare tire cover design that vibes with your ride.


6. Halo Headlights

Halo headlights are a distinguished and economical mod. You can typical buy a kit for less than $200. If you are trying to do the most, these headlights can really be a head turner and offer a stunning addition to your Jeep.

As stated in the beginning, Jeep owners love their mods and love doing the most, so this is your friendly reminder to keep being awesome, keep adding your vibe to your rides, and don’t stop having fun with it. We hope to see you on the road. Jeep wave!