Off-road enthusiasts rejoice! We are often seeing all of the tactical and fun mods Jeep Wrangler owners do to their off-roading vehicles, so it has been fun to see the Ford Bronco community rise up and have some fun with the Ford Bronco’s new Sasquatch package.

The Sasquatch package is for those who seek to explore off the beaten path. It includes

  • Shorter 4.7:1 final drive ratio
  • Position-sensitive Bilstein shocks
  • Locking axles front and rear
  • 17” Beadlock-capable wheels
  • High clearance fender flares
  • 35” mud terrain tires

In addition to the Sasquatch package the Ford Bronco has a long list of add-ons that are available that sing for the off-roading fiends! Like the air snorkel and a 10,000 lb Warn ZEON 10-S winch with 100-feet of synthetic line on the Everglades trim.

However, with the Ford Bronco Sasquatch package there is one after-market mod that seems to be a must, and that’s a Bigfoot, Sasquatch spare tire cover design. We have seen an uprising in Sasquatch spare tire covers for Ford Broncos and we are here for it!

The creative ideas are endless. From simple designs to fun unique spare tire covers all inspired by the hide and seek champion of the world!

So, much like the Jeep enthusiasts, if you go Ford Bronco, there is a world of Sasquatch fun awaiting! From decals, to spare tire covers. If you get the Sasquatch add-on it’s almost mandatory to make a play on Sasquatch and have some fun with it! Check out some of our favorite customers recent Sasquatch spare tire covers for Ford Bronco designs.

Sasquatch spare tire cover on a red ford bronco

Sasqutch american flag spare tire cover on a blue ford bronco
Sasquatch and ford bronco spare tire cover design
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