Summertime in the United States often feels like the most patriotic time of the year. Between Memorial Day, Flag Day, Fourth of July, summer barbeques, long sunny days on the lake or at the beach. It is all just the cliché of being patriotic. Wearing red, white, and blue everything. Shooting off fireworks. And I am here for all of it!

We love patriotism in all its forms. It’s no surprise that Ol’ Glory finds herself at the center of so many inspired custom spare tire covers for Jeeps. Or wrapped around the spare tire cover for Broncos. And even traveling along on the family RV or camper van. The red, white, and blue has made for some of the best creative spare tire cover designs. From simple flags, to eye-catching graphics.

These are just a few of our favorite and recent patriotic spare tire covers for Jeep, Bronco, RV, campers, trailers, and any other make and model vehicle on the road that calls for a spare tire cover inspired by the American Flag.

 American flag Spare tire cover with a bald eagle. Design includes a back up camera.

American flag spare tire cover for Jeep with tire tracks as the stripes

bald eagle spare tire cover for Jeep, Bronco, or other with the American flag superimposed to look like a tattoo across the eagles eye

Custom pink ombre spare tire cover for Jeep with Jeep Girl American flag in the background and a Jeep with sunflower headband and headlights

 Half Daisy Half American Flag Spare Tire Cover For Jeep, Bronco, RV, Camper, etc.

Rustic American flag Gadsden Flag with Snake and Don't Tread on Me Spare tire cover for Jeep

Browse all of our American Flag spare tire covers for Jeep, Bronco, RV, Campers, and more inspired designs here or contact us to talk about a custom spare tire cover design.