Adding personality to your Jeep is half the fun of being a Jeep enthusiast. Jeepers are known for being extra, specifically Jeep Wrangler owners. There is their own language, their own code, their own vibe, “it’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand” right? Between the ducks and the wave, and all the extras in between it’s a cult-like following you can’t help but get sucked into. A part of that fun of a Jeep Wrangler is that rear mounted spare tire on the back. It’s one more way to customize your vehicle and show off your personality.

I know there are the traditionalists, the ones who are hardcore and want to keep the rugged off-road appeal by keeping their spare tires au naturelle. But for those who take part in the fun of wrapping your spare wheel in vinyl with a design of choice that shows off your personality, where you buy from does make a difference.

There are two types of people when it comes to buying a spare tire cover. Those who go the one-size fits all from Amazon or Walmart route. Then, there are those who want good, lasting quality. It does make a difference. You do get what you pay for.

Material & Fit

The one-size fits most, made in China products are not going to last as long. Depending on the fit it can look sloppy and it can be loose. Also, the material itself that is used has this cheap tablecloth-like feel to it. It seems like a minor detail, but the difference between it and a cover that’s been custom made to fit your tire’s specs on a marine-grade vinyl is a much more polished and clean fit that’s built to last.

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Print & Ink

Then, the print. The ink type matters. This is a product that can be out in the elements. If high quality ink isn’t used it will fade quickly or peel. Most of these all in one products use cheap vinyl heat stickers. A custom made to order spare tire cover will use UV inks that are etched into the vinyl material.


Lastly, the design itself. A custom spare tire cover can be printed seam to seam. On a mass produced wheel cover, the design is typically partially covering the space.

When you’re searching for the perfect spare tire cover design that fits your personality and individual style and deciding where to buy a spare tire cover from consider the details. Consider what the spare tire cover is made of, consider who makes the spare tire cover, and consider how your spare tire cover is made. These minor details can add up to create a more appealing and desirable look you are trying to obtain.

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