A great way to promote your business, share something neat or funny, or just add your own unique vibe to your ride is with a custom created spare tire cover design. 

Our team has collaborated with customers of all kinds to help them create the perfect spare tire cover. We see our customers use their spare tire cover space to promote businesses, brands, or just show off their passions. Get some inspiration from some of these recent customer designs we've printed. Who knows, maybe you'll see them out on the road!  

 A1A Car Wash Custom Spare Tire Cover 

Real Estate Business Custom Spare Tire Cover  Bombshell Bullies Custom Made Spare Tire Cover  

Picture of a Beagle Promoting a Blog For a Website Spare Tire Cover Donate life spare tire cover design - custom made for a customer 

Last Laugh Farm - Custom Brand Created on a Spare Tire Cover Beach Party Surfers - Surfing Club Jepp Spare Tire Cover 

Landscaping business brand design, promoting a landscaping business on their spare tire cover Custom RV Rentals Business Promoting Their Business on Their Spare Tire Cover 

Promote your business, brand, club, or just share a unique fun custom design that shows the world who you are. Spare tire covers bring personalization and personality to your vehicle. Start your custom designed spare tire cover here.